On the 14th May 2021, SWRT hosted an event for girls at Ntsonkota Senior Secondary School in the rural village of Nxaruni.

The purpose of this event was to create awareness on the long term effects of bullying and teen suicide amongst our youth. The event Programme Director, Ms NdabaZovuyo Yazini of NdabaZovuyo Speaks did a stellar job in ensuring that the girls and the audience at large were part of the message that was communicated across.

Because of the community, province, country and world that are affected by bullying and teen suicide, this event was fully represented by the Eastern Cape Department of Social Development, South African Police Services, Micah Block Foundation for mental health and Timeless Women of Wonder (TWOW) who all spoke of their respective involvement when it comes to this devastating pandemic.

All speakers echoed that LOVE FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS, RESPECT FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS and being EMPATHETIC are very important in ensuring that as a society we win this fight against bullying.

The message and the theme of the day was: DON'T STAND BY. STAND UP. STAND STRONG.STAND TOGETHER.

Bullying and teen suicide affects us all and we cannot stop,rest and keep quite until we fight this scourge in its tracks.

As a society let us normalise to love ourselves, because loving yourself will translate to loving your neighbour.

Posted on May 19, 2021.

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